On the Road to Cynosport: Mother-Daughter Teammates Lisa and Brooke

Lisa Ortale was inspired to try agility after watching her daughter, Brooke, 27, compete for years. “It has been a wonderful journey with my daughter, traveling together every weekend,” Lisa said.

The mother-daughter team from Anaheim, Calif., is looking forward to their trip to Arizona for Cynosport®, especially to have fun and challenging competition with their dogs, Mesa and Halo.

Lisa, a dental manager by profession, calls her a 2-year-old Australian shepherd, Halo, her “midlife crisis dog,” and is grateful for her daughter’s guidance. “Brooke is my mentor and when we walk courses together, she helps me with the best ways to run my dog,” she said.

Brooke’s talent for mentorship has become her career, and after college she began training full-time. Her border-collie, Mesa, 3, was a graduation present, and has been everywhere with Brooke. Mesa is a great partner both on and off the agility field, and when she moved 2,000 miles away from home was a real “lifesaver” as Brooke got settled in.

Whether they are competing at a local show, or going head-to-head at Cynosport®, when Brooke and Lisa step to the start line with Mesa and Halo, their bond as a mother-daughter team truly shines. “We compete against each other a lot,” Lisa said, “We always want each other to do well. We really are cheerleaders for each other—always happy for each other’s successes.”