Sunday at Cynosport 2023

Good Morning from Cynosport! It is going to be a great day of finals!

Today we will be running:

Dog Agility Masters Team 2 & 3 Dog Relay
Grand Prix Finals (all heights) & Veterans Showcase

Schedule Overview: 

7:00am Veterans Showcase shirts available in the Miller Room

8:00am Team Briefing/Walk-thrus 

9:15am Run 2-Dog Team Relay & 3-Dog Team Relay 

Followed by Strategic Games Awards  and Team Overall Awards. The awards presentations will happen during the build for Grand Prix. Those with placements please be ready ringside. We will proceed with each category in the order below. We will start the next category as soon as the previous category is finished:

  • Strategic Games The top 3 dogs and handlers (Individual Overall after Team Gamblers & Snooker) in each height.  
  • Team OverallThe top 3 of both 3-Dog Teams and 2-Dog Teams should be ready with their dogs for podium photographs. In addition, placement ribbons will be awarded through 6th place (Handlers in 4th – 6th should also plan to be present to receive their ribbons).

~11:45am Brief/Walk Veterans All-Around Showcase & Grand Prix 

After 12pm, Team & Veterans Jumpers and Standard awards will be available outside the Miller Room

~12:37pm Veterans ShowcaseVeterans Showcase shirts are available at the Miller Room for pickup in this morning. Veterans placement awards will take place after each height runs.

~1:05pm Grand Prix Finals If you have not yet picked up your finals shirt please do so at the Miller Room in the morning.

(Veterans and Grand Prix Awards will take place after each height runs)

See you soon!