On the Road to Cynosport: Sara and Cooper

From their first moments playing together at a rescue in California, Sara Siebel knew Cooper had a special quality that was the perfect match for her, and for the sport of agility.

Cooper was athletic and driven, but he also had something more. “I had to choose between him and his brother. I spent time playing with them to see how they liked tug and playing with me. Cooper’s brother (who was bigger) kept stealing the toy, but Cooper was scrappy and didn’t give up, and I liked that about him. In the end, I know I got the right guy,” she said. “I love his can-do attitude!”

Sara said Cooper is considered a “mega-mutt,” meaning no individual breed accounts for more than 10 percent of his genetic make-up. That also makes him special.

“A benefit of competing with a mega-mutt like Cooper? People tend to remember him because of his unique look,” she said.  

While they’re excited to be competing at their first Cynosport®, Sara and 4-year-old Cooper simply love doing agility—together.

“Cooper and I are totally happy and connected when we’re doing agility, so it has definitely made for a great relationship,” she said. “I’m proud of all of our achievements, but mostly want to keep it super fun and positive for us both.”

Sara and Cooper live in Novato, Calif., about 25 miles north of San Francisco. Sara works as a scientific program manager at an institute that supports research in the field of cancer immunotherapy.