RV Information


A form is available in the test schedule to make your RV Reservations.  Reservations are first come, first served.

Final RV Confirmation Maps and Info — updated 10/3/19

Important:  A list of confirmed RVs is linked above. Please double check the length, type, and number of slides for your reservation. Spots will be assigned based on this information. It is critical that this information is correct for proper placement. Thank you for taking a moment to confirm. Any errors should be noted and emailed to info@usdaa.com immediately. Thank you!

Please note (8/1/19): All of the current requests for 30amp spots are able to be accommodated.   50 amp spot requestors — the available spots are full. Requestors not able to be accommodated in a 50amp spot have been contacted by email to confirm if 30amp power will work for your unit. Please reply to your email to confirm.


RV spaces will be  available for move-in on Tuesday, 10/22 at 2pm due to concerns for safety and liability as show set-up will still be in progress. 

Rental RVs may not be dropped at the site until Tuesday, 10/22 at 2pm.  Please make specific arrangements with your rental company to schedule delivery of your RV no earlier than Tuesday, 10/22.