2017 Steeplechase Results

Congratulations to all the winners!



2017 Steeplechase 10

1st place: Diane O’Reilly and Rauri Belle 

2nd place: Stacy Bols and Kermit

3rd place: Dee Anna Gamel and Kiz



2017 Steeplechase 14

1st place: Jen Pinder and Britain

2nd place: Ami Sheffield and Pixel

3rd place: Barb Davis and Skecher



2017 Steeplechase 16

1st place: Jennifer Crank and Swift

2nd place: Abigail Beasley and Swindle

3rd place: Hiroyuki Komatsu and Hibiki



1st place: Brenda Kelly and Déjà vu

2nd place: Peggy Haslach and Daim

3rd place: Kevin Kent and Agape



2017 Steeplechase 22

1st place: Diane Sanders and Grit

2nd place: Cathy Irvine and Totem

3rd place: Shirley Loos and Miya



2017 Steeplechase 24

1st place: Laura Pryse and HotShot

2nd place: Maddie Speagle and Simmer Down!

3rd place: John Marcus and Jake


All first place winners:

2017 Steeplechase Winners