Rescue Dog Profile – Nia

img_00001A profile of Veronica Marquez and her dog Nia

Tell us about your dog. Where did she come from?

Nia is an 11-year-old female Border Collie from Arizona Border Collie Rescue.

How did you end up adopting her?

I was volunteering and the president of ABCR encouraged me to adopt as I am a performance-dog home.

thm_00002How did you get involved in agility with your dog?

My Sheltie, Maggie Mae, was very energetic and creating jobs for herself.  Jobs that did not meet with my approval.  An acquaintance recommended dog agility.  We had to wait four months to get into our first agility class. But in the interim, I bought some agility books and started training.  She loved it and I loved it.

Did you find that agility helped to improve any behaviors your dog had before you started? How did you feel it helped your relationship?

Yes, agility gave my dog a purpose and a job.  It helped our communication and taught me how to read dogs and their behavior. 

My dogs and I communicate all the time; we have learned how to read each other.

nia_-gooddog-nov-2012-proofWhat’s something about your dog’s personality that you find unique/endearing/special?

Her spirit.  Nia, even at 11, still loves to learn and do things. 

She can lay down next to you and relax and she is ready to go when you are!

She can also be such a drama queen, I just love it.

What USDAA events have you competed in with your dog?

  • Local shows
  • Regional events
  • Cynosport

What would say to people who are considering adopting a dog who might want to do agility some day?

This sport is very fun, challenging, and relationship building.  If you are willing to build a form of communication with your dog and have fun, you will enjoy dog agility.