Lawrence Eggie and Duke

Lawrence Eggie and DukeDuke was only a puppy when I spotted him at an adoption. Me and my wife were looking for a pup or dog, and I had thought about doing some agility since my son (Richard Eggie) was doing it with his dogs. Sheila, my wife, spotted this pup with his brother at a local adoption, and was smitten with him. She picked him (or maybe he picked us!)  That was four-and-a-half years ago. He is thought to be half German Shepherd – half Husky mix. Not exactly a mix known to agility, but he had our hearts, and a companion was going to be his main job. 

Lawrence Eggie and DukeRichard Eggie and Mimi Fountain both did agility with their Border Collies, and they offered to train Duke. Duke doesn’t have the work ethic as a Border Collie, and can be a little stubborn, but he came around thinking the game was fun (as long as there was food at the end! LOL) Richard became Duke’s handler, since I had to have a knee replacement surgery. During this time, Duke was an awesome companion. Made sure not to knock me down, and very patient.

Duke is UKI National Champion two years in a row in 20″ select! He won the Southeast UKI Cup and will be in the National Finals again this year at the US Open! He made the podium at South East Regionals in Grand Prix. We look forward to our first Cynosports this year! Duke earned is P-ADCH on 09/23/2017! His FIRST Championship bar – and only needs two QQ for his PACH. He enjoys going to shows, and playing the game. He is wonderful at motels, and such a great addition to the family.  

Lawrence Eggie and DukeNo Duke wasn’t born with agility in mind. He wasn’t even born with any dog sports in mind. Odds are it was “an accident.” But don’t think that rescue dogs can’t be successful, or dogs not meant to be sport dogs, can’t do this. Because with the correct training, and motivation, they can be wonderful at agility, and great companions. I don’t know who got luckier … us that we found him, or him that he found us. I consider us all LUCKY! 

We are so proud of our rescue dog,