Bobbie Ambruzs and Jackson

Bobbie Ambruzs and Jacksonby Bobbie Ambruzs

Jackson, a Border Collie mix, and I met in 2011 at the Larimer Humane Society, Fort Collins, CO, when he was about two.  I wanted an agility a dog because my first rescue girl would rather swim, hike or play ball.  Many of the agility teams I saw had a connection that I desired.   

He loves the game, but he is a bit insecure in the ring, especially when a judge counts out LOUD.  🙂 The table and snooker are troublesome for him. He is also quite sticky to me so we aren’t the best gamblers team.  He loves to run, though, especially over the A-frame!

Bobbie Ambruzs and JacksonAll dogs have different personalities, strengths and challenges. If I’m to pursue agility it’s my responsibility to understand how my dog learns, what drives him and how I can adjust myself to be the best handler for that individual. I respect my guy’s strengths and limitations.  Work with what I have.  I’m truly grateful we are together.

Our first Cynosport was 2015.  We made GP Semis. This year we’re entered in Steeplechase semis.  He loves Steeplechase best.  We may not be the fastest team out there, but I can tell how proud he is after a run.  He has a lot of heart! And is the most faithful, loyal companion I know.