Beth Brock and Severus

Beth Brock and SeverusSeverus is a 13 inch Mini/Toy Poodle mix we think.  His face looks like a toy.  He found us.  When we took him in he had four puncture wounds on his face the shape of a much larger dogs bite, kennel cough and was completely shut down for six weeks.  His Schnoodle brother would playfully tap him on the head to try and get him to play every single day during those six weeks.  His reaction gradually changed from growling to ignoring to finally adopting the play stance. 

Beth Brock and SeverusHe was more toy driven then my present dog so we decided to give agility it a try.  Now, he knows what day practice is and will jump on the bumper of just about any white station wagon or SUV, hoping to be taken to play his new favorite game.  He has qualified in steeplechase and team and now we’ll start entering the other events since he has the basic eligibility to play at Cynosport.  


Photo Credit: Elizabeth & JP Evans