Performance Grand Prix Winners – October 27, 2017

Congratulations to all our winners!


2017 Cynosports PGP 8" Winners

1st Place: Daneen Fox and Masher

2nd Place: Betsey Lynch and Wren

3rd Place: Mike Padgett and Kona



2017 Cynosports PGP 12" Winners

1st Place: Ann Krzyzelewski and Maia

2nd Place: Patricia Toro and Dora

3rd Place: Laura Fearn and Sierra



2017 Cynosports PGP 14" Winners

1st Place: Kathleen Desvigne and Vivian!

2nd Place: Angela Dotson and Bekah

3rd Place: Katrina Parkinson and Fawkes



2017 Cynosports PGP 16" Winners

1st Place: Dana Pike and Swindle

2nd Place: Alison Giecek and Zelda

3rd Place: Morgan Hanson and Probability



2017 Cynosports PGP 20" Winners

1st Place: Loretta Zich and Salsa

2nd Place: Kim Terrill and Force

3rd Place: Brenda Kelly and Luna

Group Photo of Our Performance Grand Prix Winners

2017 Cynosports PGP Winners