Things to Expect at Cynosport 2017 – Part 2


  • RV hook-ups at the facility are by reservation only. Most RV spaces have water and electricity, but no sewer connection.
  • Information on pumping services available for a fee and will be provided with your RV confirmation.


  • Please park in designated exhibitor/competitor spaces only. (See signage info below.) Competitors will not be allowed to park near the kenneling stalls, the RV overflow aisles, spectator parking (unless you’re willing to pay the daily fees,) or Employee/Staff parking areas.

Competition/Group Rotations

  • Everyone is randomly assigned to a group and not all jump heights will be in the same group.
  • Jump heights within groups may be separated into different rings, so you may run the same course in different rings depending on your dog’s jump height and if they are entered in Championship, Performance or Veterans classes.
  • Walk-throughs will take place first thing in the morning; briefings for Snooker and Gamblers will take place before walk-throughs begin.
  • All course maps for each day will be posted at ring side each morning when the facility opens and also available by 6:00 am Central Time on

Announcements/Scheduling Changes

We do our very best to notify you of any changes to the event. Some changes cannot be avoided. Other changes are made to benefit the majority of competitors.

  • Please listen carefully to announcements and tell your friends/teammates to ensure they are informed too.
  • Remember to sign up for Event Alerts on The Event Alerts will keep you up to date on the day’s activities, when results are posted and any other important information.


  • Please respect the signs posted throughout the facility.
  • Some of the restrictions are required by Tennessee Miller Coliseum, others are for your safety and the safety of others.

Safety/Vehicles on Fields

  • There’s a lot of work that needs to take place before opening the grounds to competitors each day (setting rings, building courses, trash removal, vendor and other events setting up, etc.)
  • Please follow the show ground’s gate hours. During setup of the event there are many vehicles moving in and out of the building and we want to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Only official Cynosport golf carts are allowed inside the arena, with the exception for individuals with disabilities.
  • Mopeds, bicycles and non-event golf carts are only allowed on the show grounds and not inside the arena. You can use these vehicles to travel between your car/RV and kenneling area if needed.


  • The average temperature in October for Murfreesboro is around 72° F (22° C), with lows in the 40’s (low teens on the centigrade scale).
  • Rain is always a possibility so please be prepared for it, even if it is not in the forecast.
  • Temperatures inside and out can fluctuate, so dressing in layers is recommended.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water and have a readily supply available for your dog too!

Other Events

  • Enjoy the FREE Competitor Appreciation Ice Cream Social on Tuesday, Oct. 24th and decorate your crating area for great prizes.
  • Lure Coursing, Agility 101 and World Cynosport Rally are just a few of the other events that make up Cynosport.
  • Cynosport also offers some of the best vendors and canine sport services available.
  • Please plan time to support our other canine sports partners and vendors throughout the event.

Things to Do in Murfreesboro

  • We’ve partnered with the Rutherford County Convention and Visitors Bureau to connect you with local companies for shopping and dining experiences.
  • Please make time to visit one of these businesses to show our support to Murfreesboro.
  • You are welcome to download this information and use it as a reference as we get closer to October.
  • Thank you for working hard all season to qualify for this great event and for taking the time to make the trip to Tennessee. We hope you enjoy Cynosport, the surrounding community and wish everyone the best of luck during the competition!