Roving Report Tierney Meets Stormy and Kala

15046433_10153925043672201_232868849_nToday I am pleased to interview two dogs who traveled to the world games all the way from Mexico. Their names are Stormy and Kala.

Stormy is seven-years-old and is a Border Collie from Taluca, Mexico.  She is running in Performance Speed Jumping, Performance Grand Prix and PVP teams. Today she ran the warm up class and PGP quarter finals.

Stormy said, “I liked the warm up course today, and let me tell you a little secret – my mom walked it wrong. But it is ok. It was the first course and I was naughty too. I broke my stay. I really wanted to run. After that run, my mom took me to have a massage. It really felt good and I was more relaxed for our next run, which was Performance Grand Prix quarter-finals.  I really liked that course too. And guess what. I’m running in semi-finals tomorrow. I was really good and listened to what my mom was saying. We had great time and are looking forward to the rest of the week.”

I asked her how she rewards her handler for a job well done on the course. Stormy said, “The way I let her know she did a good job is jumping into her arms at the end of the run and giving her kiss.”

Stormy says she loves running with her mom Malu Monroy and that both of them are really excited to be here for another Cynosport World Games.

Kala is three-year-old Doberman Pinscher and is from Mexico City, Mexico. She is running in Team and Steeplechase. She says, “It’s my first Cynosport, and I’m having a blast. The best part is that I get to travel with my mom without my brothers – and she’s all mine. I only ran Steeplechase today and I really like the course and I even started barking when I was running and I only do that when I am very happy.”

I asked her what she does to reward her handler (Anais Galland) for a job well done and she said, “When we finish a good run, I move my tail and all my body to let her know we did a good job and then she gives me a hug and my toy. I’m not sure which is better!”

Come back tomorrow and the rest of the week for more of my interviews with the canine competitors of some of our visiting teams. They include Canada, The Cayman Islands, England, Guatemala, Hungary, Japan, Italy, Russia and Puerto Rico. Likely I will chat with a few more teams from the USA too.

– Tierney
Your USDAA Roving Reporter