Friday at Cynosport 2023

Good Morning Competitors! Here are a few reminders for today:

8:00am: Briefing and Walk for:

Masters Challenge Biathlon Standard
Dog Agility Masters Team & Veterans Snooker
Snooker Briefing
Steeplechase Semifinals (all heights)

Please note the updated WALK Schedule with rotation groups for Snooker.

9:15am: Rings Begin

1st – 3rd Individual Awards for Team Gamblers and Veterans (all heights) will be ready for pickup after 12pm from the awards table outside of the Miller room.

Steeplechase and Grand Prix Semifinalist pins are also available on the awards table.

The practice ring is available from 7:00am until the competition rings are done running for the day. 

Lunch tickets are available for those who volunteer. Signups are available ringside. Please see Leslie at the Volunteer table for assistance/questions. 

Course building volunteers are needed at the conclusion of the day’s runs to help clear each ring, and in the evening to assist with the equipment after the arena is groomed. If you are interested, please see Leslie to add your name to the list. 

See you soon!