A Few Housekeeping Items

  • An updated Run Order is now posted on the Competitor Page. This version fixes typos only. The schedule has not changed!
    • Please note – if you are viewing this page on a smart phone or tablet and cannot see the link, please turn your device to landscape and you should be able to see all the links. 
  • The running order for all semi-finals only lists the names of teams that have earned a semi-final bye. There will be many dogs advancing to the semi’s from the quarter-finals, and these teams will be added to running order in each group and jump height. Your scheduled walk and run time will not change.
  • PARKING PASSES – Proem, the company selling the parking passes for WestWorld during Check-In will only do cash transactions. There will be an ATM in the vending area if you need to grab some cash for the event parking pass.
  • Finally, if you need a Handicap Designated Golf Cart, we will issue these permits during Check-In. You just need to show us your credentials.
    • You are responsible for renting your own golf cart.

Safe travels to everyone!