Dog Agility Masters Team Relay and Performance Versatility Pairs Results

Congratulations to our winners!

Dog Agility Masters® Three-Dog Team

Dam Winners 2017

1st place: Two Tries to Be Special – Linda Mecklenburg and Special, Jennifer Crank and Lucky, Jean Lavalley and Sprint

2nd place: Feisty Little Bitches – Cynthia Hornor and Spice, Brenda Kelly and Deja Vu, Catherine Laria and Blizzard

3rd place: Incredibitches – Susan Crank and Stripper, Abigail Beasley and Dreamer, Shane Gant and Sweets


Performance Versatility Pairs

1st place: Now You’re Talkin’ My Language – Brenda Kelly and Luna, Svetlana Tumanova and Skippy

2nd place: Size Matters – Kama Rueschenberg and Porky Pig, Michael Fitch and Bing

3rd place: Neo’s Livin’ on the Edge – Pamela Fish and Edge, Susan Rolek and Neo