Additional Activities

Herding Instinct Testing

330px-bc_eyeCurious about how dogs learn to work stock? Enroll in a one-on-one private session with expert trainer, Paula McCaleb, and carefully introduce your dog to a small flock of sheep that are accustomed to working with dogs. In this 10-15 minute session, Paula will test your dog’s herding aptitude, and can answer questions about the training needed to develop this natural skill further. Open to all dogs. Learn more about Paula at

Cost: $30 per session, Signup for your session at the event.  


Wednesday: 12pm-5pm 

Thursday-Saturday: 8am-5pm

Sunday: 8am-12pm 


IFCS Schooling Ring

You can help support the 2020 IFCS Team and fine-tune your teamwork at Cynosport®.

The IFCS Team members will be hosting a practice ring Wednesday through Sunday for competitors. The ring will open at 7am and will remain open until 5pm (or later) as long as there is light, the rings are staffed and people are waiting.  When possible, preference for early morning slots will be given to those who run first thing.

All contributions to this activity are tax deductible and will be contributed to United States Association of Cynological Sports (USACS), a nonprofit corporation supporting amateur sport.  Proceeds will be used to help cover travel expenses for the team to participate in future IFCS events. 

Cost: $5 per minute, packages available. Please visit the IFCS Schooling Ring page for complete details.


Wednesday-Saturday: 7am-5pm

Sunday: 7am-Noon


IFCS & Dog Agility 101 

Trisha Stall and JartAgility 101 is available for spectators to give agility a try. Under the supervision of expert trainers, you and your dog will be guided through some basic agility obstacles, and learn how fun the sport can be.

Cost: $5 per turn, proceeds benefit USACS


Friday 12-4pm & Saturday: 10am-4pm


World Cynosport Rally

Get ready to Rally! Rally is a fun, exciting team sport and open to all dogs whether they’re purebred or a mixed breed. Rally is a fun test of obedience skills and builds trust between you and your dog. Come watch the fun or enter a competition yourself!

Rally Run-thrus are $5 per run (cash only).


Friday and Saturday: 10-11:30am


Lure Coursing

If your dog loves to run then they’ll love lure coursing! A fenced course is set up with a “lure” that is pulled along through the course, encouraging your to run as fast as they can to get to it.  Any dog can do it, no matter how big or small.


1 run $8

2 runs $12

4 runs $20

Puppy run (2 straights, no turns, <12mo)  $6


Wednesday-Saturday: 10am-5pm

Sunday: 10am-3pm


Vendor Trade Fair & Expo

It’s a dog-lovers shopping extravaganza! Check out dozens of vendors and exhibits to find what’s available in the dog world, your favorite craft, or what services may be available to you and your family pet. Start your holiday season shopping early!