Rescue Dog Profile – Devyn

devyn1A profile of Gail Chadwick and her dog Devyn

devyn2Devyn will be nine-years-old later this month.  This is the third time she has competed in Cynosport (previously competed at Morgan Hill 2014 and Denver 2012), and the fifth time she has qualified.  Devyn was adopted from Arizona Border Collie Rescue.  I have volunteered with this rescue for 14 years myself and we fostered Devyn (and two of her seven littermates) when they came into our rescue at only six weeks of age.  She and her littermates came into rescue from a very rural sheep ranch in Northern Arizona via the good relationships built between a mother/daughter team and the local South American shepherds. 

Devyn and I are bonded like superglue and she loves to be wherever I am and do whatever I am doing.  She is only a three Qs away from achieving her PDCH Silver in USDAA, and also has MACH2 in AKC agility.  We have trained and trialed in competitive herding and she has two major herding titles, an ASCA Working Trial Championship and an AHBA Herding Trial Championship, that she just finished two weeks ago with a High in Trial for a 99 out of 100 score on Sheep.  She is beautiful, sweet, fun and everything a Border Collie companion could be.

devyn3We want to thank USDAA for allowing Arizona Border Collie Rescue to have a booth at this year’s Cynosport.  We hope to be educating many of the attending public about rescue and the Border Collie breed.