Rescue Dogs – Competitors

Obviously, we love all dogs, no matter what size, shape, color or heritage. Some of the best dogs in agility sport are also rescued dogs that didn’t have a great start in life.

This page is dedicated to a few of the many rescue dogs that are competing at this year’s event.

If you are competing with a rescued dog, please contact Mychelle Blake at for information on how we can share your success story!

Jim Allaire and Meadghbh

Diane Allen and Teasel

Christa Beauchat and Annie, Darby Rose and Qwyn

Jessica Brown and Bug

Gail Chadwick and Devyn

Stephanie Dubick and Ajax

Marlene Fritz and Toby

Shar Henry and Fl’N

Maureen Hughes and Tigger

Emily Ingersoll and Phyllis Diller

Kristin Lake and Peeka

Roger Ly and Buster

Veronica Marquez and Nia

Marty Stewart and Titan

Nancy Tetrick and Siobhan

Teresa Thraen and Bryn and Hudson

Lynne Von Trapp and Brill

Kristin Wheeler and Ash and Indie

Mary Ann Wurst and Hijack

Sandra Zajkowski and Benny