Wednesday at Cynosport 2022

Good Morning Competitors! Here are a few reminders for today:

7:30-11:30am: Check-in available on site. Please see the Check-in post for some FAQs about check-in.

  • Update from WestWorld: If you did not purchase a parking pass yesterday for the week, you will be able to buy one for today as you drive in. The WestWorld link will also update can buy a pass for the rest of the week for in/out privileges.

Course maps are available on the 2022 Course Maps Page available in the Event Info tab of the menu.

8:00am: Morning briefing and Walk. A few FAQs from yesterday:

  • Non-Audible Toys are allowed in the official Warm-up. The toy needs to remain in your hand an may not be thrown.
  • Some additional ring barriers have been added between adjacent rings to prevent distractions ring-to-ring. In addition, please be mindful about dogs running when you are watching ringside, and keep a respectful distance.

~11:30am: Quarterfinal Walk-thrus. Please see the group rotation document and Check-In on Agility Gate. The code is 2022. If you do not have a mobile device you can still check-in ringside on the iPad.

~12:30am: Practice ring opens for pass holders. 

Boxed Lunches are be available for those who volunteer. Signups are available on the Volunteers tab of the website. Please see Leslie at the Volunteer/Check-In tent for assistance/questions. 

See you soon!