Things to Expect at Cynosport This Year

This Friday is the last day to get your entries in the mail for Cynosport this year! Helen McNenly, our Cynosport Trial Secretary, is doing a great job, but please be patient with her since she’s swimming in mail right now.

There are lots of great things planned for you this year and many are still in the works. The IFCS fundraising rings will be ready to go again this year. Splash Dogs (dock jumping), Lure for the Cure (lure coursing), and herding instinct tests will be on site. A portion of fees from Lure for the Cure support the National Canine Cancer Foundation, and a portion of the fees from the herding instinct tests will go to the United States Association of Cynological Sports, a public charity in support of the 2017 IFCS Team USA.

We just posted some general event information like crating info, parking passes, etc. If  you’re reading this post, you’re the first to know about it. Remember to tell your friends and fellow competitors to sign up for these alerts to get this info first-hand.

We’re just under two months away from the event, and we’ll post more information as soon as we can. Once all entries are processed, we’ll start working on a more detailed schedule for you, but this is one of the most complicated aspects of Cynosport and will require quite a bit of time. Our goal is to make this year’s event the best yet for every competitor.