Team Relay Running Order – Saturday, October 28th

Saturday, October 28, 2017 –  Ring 5: Team Relay

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Team 053: Furr-enzy

10014 Bolt Shetland Sheepdog Scott Milner
10003 Zen Papillon Daneen Fox
10001 Minnie Papillon Brenda Kautz

Team 140: Tomme Loves Russian ToFu

10027 Tomme Spitz Svetlana Tumanova
10031 Toby Shetland Sheepdog Bruce Thibodeau
16009 Fuji Asian Border Collie Mich Powers

Team 100: Perfect 10

10019 Clever Shetland Sheepdog Jennifer Crank
10033 Keebler Pembroke Welsh Corgi Roger O’Sullivan
20070 Style Border Collie Jessica Taylor

Team 101: Play, Leap And Tip To Win

10016 Tippie Pembroke Welsh Corgi Darlene Paul
10008 Kermit Miniature Schnauzer Stacy Bols
24068 Play Border Collie Delaney Ratner

Team 067: It’s A Poodle Party

14051 Severus Poodle (Miniature) Beth Brock
14024 Trendi Poodle (Miniature) Rebecca Schnulle
20071 Party Border Collie Ginsey St. Croix

Team 108: Red Hot Riot

14005 Idgie Poodle (Miniature) Terry Herman
20077 Harlow Border Collie Giuliana Lund
14028 Scorch Poodle (Miniature) Suzanne Wesley

Team 124: Slow Motion Pillow Fight

16065 Graffiti All-American Symantha Melemed
14015 Maddie Miniature Schnauzer Sara Franson
14032 Pixel Miniature American Shepherd Ami Sheffield

Team 148: US/Russian Connection

14016 Hasten Parson Russell Terrier Toni Whitfield
16081 Bessy Border Collie Svetlana Tumanova
16011 Vixen Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Wendy Pendleton

Team 133: Super 16s

16023 Streak Shetland Sheepdog Susan Crank
16024 Della Australian Cattle Dog Debie Jacques
16043 Beemer Shetland Sheepdog Sandra Schmidt

Team 021: Bonanza!

10043 Maverick Pembroke Welsh Corgi Jeremy Gerhard
20103 Lucero Border Collie Ricardo Segui
20083 Hurley Border Collie Kimberly Chase

Team 052: Full Tilt On A Zippy Jet!

22005 Full Tilt Border Collie Gabriella Miholics
22190 Zipper Border Collie Stacey Melko
16013 Jet All Breed Annette Spitters

Team 149: USA Brings That “A” Game

20073 Usa Border Collie Donna Staivecki
22009 Miya Border Collie Shirley Loos
22206 Graphite Border Collie Paulena Renee Simpson

Team 043: F Bombs Dropping From The Sky

22076 Finn Border Collie Elyse Rossellini
22154 Sky Australian Shepherd Gracie Barthlow
22078 Fargo Border Collie Kathy Wells

Team 080: Kiss My Sass

22145 Braedan Border Collie Debbie Spence
22118 Tangle Border Collie Mary Shaw
22061 Reese Australian Shepherd Crystal Ragan

Team 109: Red, White & Black Going For Blue!

22068 Rook Border Collie Stacy Peardot-Goudy
22081 Jedi Border Collie Susan McGowen
24016 HotShot Border Collie Laura Pryse

Team 144: Two Bitches & A Stud (Dogs, That Is!)

22103 Tag! Border Collie Emily Klarman
24029 UNO Border Collie Stacie Cwik
22114 Tease Golden Retriever Scott Vicary

Team 150: Versagility

24043 Sequel Border Collie Janet Gauntt
22029 Baru Australian Shepherd Sally Josselyn
10012 Super Sonic Papillon Linda Womer

Team 155: Wink Is A DareDevil On A Journey

14054 Wink Parson Russell Terrier Carla McAlister
24073 Journey Border Collie Stacy Peardot-Goudy
24020 DareDevil Border Collie Laura Pryse

Team 008: A Sheltie Of A Different Color

16005 Colt Shetland Sheepdog Jennifer Thomas
14030 Rukia Shetland Sheepdog Giuliana Lund
16071 Deacon Shetland Sheepdog Elizabeth Blanchard

Team 009: All Jacked Up!

24053 Usher Border Collie Abby Peach
24062 Pink Panther Border Collie Paulena Renee Simpson
10037 Jack All-American Sandy Morris

Team 126: Snap’n During Polo Is A Syn

14023 Snap Shetland Sheepdog Lorraine Bredahl
16057 Polo Shetland Sheepdog Nancy Lauermann
16008 Syn Shetland Sheepdog Jami Campisi

Team 152: Weave Got The Runs!

14029 Virtue Shetland Sheepdog Cynthia Hornor
14053 Plop RatBoy Lisa Topol
16058 Puzzle Shetland Sheepdog Janina Vickers

Team 066: IncrediBitches

14021 Stripper Shetland Sheepdog Susan Crank
14038 Dreamer Shetland Sheepdog Abigail Beasley
14025 Sweets Shetland Sheepdog Shane Gant

Team 112: Rockin’ The New Shoes

22065 Shiny Border Collie Sheyla Gutierrez
22115 Score Border Collie Rebecca Thrift
20044 Annie Border Collie Naci Berkoz

Team 044: Feisty Little Bitches

20017 Spice H Border Collie Cynthia Hornor
20042 Deja Vu Border Collie Brenda Kelly
20006 Blizzard Border Collie Catherine Laria

Team 077: JB Takes The Denali To The Fast Laine

22099 Denali Border Collie Jeannie Bonsignore
22093 Johnny B Border Collie Janet Gauntt
22210 Lainey Border Collie Donna Rohaus

Team 107: Ready To Rumble

22189 Tonic Border Collie Jen Denereaz
22007 Jagger Border Collie Barbara Hill
22136 Viper Border Collie Dave Hill

Team 125: Smart Shelties

16015 Speedo Shetland Sheepdog Susan Crank
14060 Britain Shetland Sheepdog Jen Pinder
16037 Smart Border Collie Kate Moureaux

Team 041: EPIc Kilo For Rhydian

24036 Kilo Border Collie Helen Kurz
24069 Rhydian Border Collie Colleen McKinney
20056 EPI All-American Kim Barton

Team 146: Two Tries To Be Special

  24054 Special Border Collie Linda Mecklenburg
  16069 Lucky Shetland Sheepdog Jennifer Crank
  16002 Sprint Shetland Sheepdog Jean Lavalley