Splash Dogs is Here!

This is Tierney reporting live from the Cynosport World Games in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. Yesterday, I went and watched my sister Bunnee compete in her very first Splash Dog event.splashdogs1

Before you actually compete in Splash Dogs, you get to have some practice jumps. I watched Bunnee jump and she was pretty good, but I had some pointers for her. My team babysitter Leslie, helped Bunnee make her first jump by throwing the bumper toy for her into the water. Then Bunnee went running down the dock and jumped into the water after the toy. Then she to the ramp, and looked very happy as she got out of the pool.  

This was Bunnee’s very first time jumping, but there were some experienced jumpers in line too. We saw many dogs from agility earlier now doing Splash Dogs including Du the bull terrier who is here all the way from Hungary, and Dreamer, a Border Collie puppy from Mexico. Some dogs jumped really far while other dogs just jumped a little bit – but all of them made a splash. I guess that’s why they call it Splash Dogs.

If you’d like to try Splash Dogs, I suggest you get your human to wander over there and sign up. It’s lots of fun!

Please check back for more stories about this exciting event. This is yours truly, Tierney, a.k.a. “T dog”.