Saturday at Cynosport 2022

Good morning competitors! We have a mixed forecast today with the chance of rain this afternoon, so we will be making the following adjustments:

  • We will be pushing to be ahead of schedule when possible. This means that we will begin the next rotation as soon as possible following the conclusion of the previous rotation.
  • To alleviate any undue stress – if you should have a conflict with another ring, please let the gate know and we will accommodate moving you in the order ringside (like you would at a “normal” show).

The show committee will continue to monitor the conditions and additional adjustments will be made throughout the day as necessary. Please listen for announcements. We will also put updates on Facebook and Cynosport news for any significant changes.

Saturday Morning Reminders:

9:00am: Briefing and Walk

10:15am: Rings Begin

Immediately following the conclusion of the last morning rotation in Ring 1 ~ around 3:00pm: Masters Challenge Biathlon Awards (Ring 1)

  • The top 3 dogs and handlers (Performance & Championship) in each height should be ready ringside for the awards presentation and podium photographs. In addition, placement ribbons will be awarded through 6th place (Handlers in 4th – 6th should also plan to be present to receive their ribbons).

To follow: Strategic Games Awards (Ring 1)

Approximately 3:45pm – please listen for annoucements: Steeplechase Briefing and Walk 

Approximately 4:05pm: Steeplechase Finals (all heights)

  • Steeplechase Finals Running Order – Please note as we progress through each height there will be awards following the performance dogs, resulting in a short break prior to the championship dogs running. Awards for the championship dogs will be after that height is completed. For example: 16P dogs run, 16P awards, then 16C dogs run, then 16C awards. 

Boxed Lunches are available for those who volunteer. Signups are available ringside. Please see Leslie at the Volunteer Tent for assistance/questions. 

See you soon!