Roving Reporter Tierney at the Herding Ring

img_0015Hello USDAA fans, it’s me, Tierney, your USDAA roving reporter talking to you live from the Cynosport World Games. Specifically, I am reporting from the herding instinct testing arena where I met a very nice fellow by the name of J. T.  He works in the herding area all day long. He lives here in Arizona and helps dogs learn how to herd goats and sheep. J.T. is named after Justin Timberlake. He also has a girlfriend named Britney Spears who is also working the arena. They are the celebrity couple of livestock!

His job is to help dogs learn how to herd. They can’t hurt sheep or goats at this event. But they can herd them. The trainer, Cathy from Summerny ranch (who is very gentle and kind with both experienced and non-experienced dogs ) is there to help J.T. teach those dogs who are excited to learn about sheep and goats.

img_0016My brother Gabriel and my sister Bunnee, who are Border Collies, both participated in the herding  today. They each got a fancy certificate saying that they were terrific. Any dog can participate in the herding event.

When I asked JT if any particular dogs impressed him most today, I really thought he was going to say my brother Gabriel because Gabriel is really, really good at herding sheep. It’s his favorite thing to do. However he surprised me by telling me that there was a very young baby dog Kelpie who surprised the heck out of him by how much skill he already possessed.

img_0018If you would like to try your dog at herding you can go over to their booth which is not far from the main ring. The cost is $25 and you get 15 minutes of time with the sheep. $5 of this money goes to the IFCS Team USA for 2017. If you are experienced and want to work your dog yourself you can, or Cathy will work your dog for you if that is what you choose.

Even if you don’t choose to try the herding yourself, you might want to go over there and watch it It’s a very relaxing way to spend a little bit of downtime.

Bunnee and Gabe post herding
Bunnee and Gabe post herding