Performance Versatility Pairs and Dog Agility Team Relay Overall Winners

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Performance Versatility Pairs


1. Mash & Burn: Scott Milner and Bolt and Daneen Fox and Masher

2. Race to the Top: Morganne Wagoner-Perry and Summit and Kris Huett and Muncie

3. Boys in the Boat: Lonny Elson and Paxxton and Nancy Gyes and Scoop


Dog Agility Team Relay Overall


  1. Say Yes to the Pony Express: Jody Lolich and Skillz, Sangie Brooks and Vette, and Susan Garrett and Swagger

2.  Pie’s Gunnin for Riches: Lonny Elson and Gunner, Nancy Gyes and Pie, and Mia Grant and Rich

3.  Fireball Motion Will: Teri Thompson and Motion, Laura Pryse and Fireball, and Naci Berkoz and Will