Information on Volunteers for All Cynosport Competitors

We are thrilled to report that we have over 80 volunteers helping at Cynosport this week! 

Many of these volunteers are brand new to agility so we would like to remind competitors to be conscientious and thoughtful as you enter the ring.

  • Please listen for your name and dog’s name from the Gate Steward.
  • Acknowledge them immediately so they know you are ready to run.

Please remember that our event could not be possible without their hard work and assistance. Having these volunteers also allows you to focus on your dog and your runs without distraction. Please thank volunteers whenever you get a chance!

If you haven’t signed up to volunteer yet and would still like to, please visit the Volunteer Tent after you check in or each day. There’s always a need for volunteers! Leslie Bickel is our official (and fabulous!) Volunteer Coordinator and she’ll be happy to work with you around your schedule.

Thank you!