Important Announcement for All Cynosport Competitors

To All Competitors:

We are very excited for the opening of the USDAA Cynosport ® World Games and are pleased to welcome you to this week of top agility competition.

We hope you will enjoy the event this year as the staff and numerous volunteers have worked hard to make it the best that it can be.

While our event is being held on a remote property on the north side of the city, we want to make you aware of another event, the White Nationalist Rally, planned in the downtown Murfreesboro Public Square on Saturday, October 28. It is suggested you avoid this part of town during the weekend, as the city wishes to minimize congestion amid safety concerns that are present surrounding such rallies.

This statement was shared with us by the City of Murfreesboro Tuesday afternoon: “The City of Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, and our state and federal partners are committed to both the Constitution and public safety.  Be assured, we will take every step necessary to protect both in the downtown Public Square Saturday, Oct. 28.  The slightest indication of disruption or violence will initiate immediate law enforcement action to uphold the rights of citizens and ensure their safety.  While we have encouraged people to avoid the Square Saturday, all other parts of our community should not be affected by increased traffic control.”

In any case, it is always wise to avoid congestion and maintain a state of vigilance when traveling outside one’s home area. Our wish as always is for all our competitors to enjoy a safe and exciting competition at Cynosport 2017.

Kenneth Tatsch
USDAA President