Fireworks Update

Thank you again to everyone for their concerns and patience as we worked to resolve the situation about a fireworks display during a motorcycle show scheduled at WestWorld during Cynosport this year.

After much coordination and discussions with WestWorld staff, Scottsdale Fire Department and the Thunder Run Rally event organizers, we are happy to inform you that there will be No Fireworks Display during Cynosport.

We also received clarification about the details of the “Thunder Run Rally” event and how WestWorld staff will be coordinating all the events scheduled on the weekend of the 2016 Cynosport World Games.

  • Even though the word “rally” is in the name of this event, the format is an expo and trade show.
  • There will be no organized group motorcycle ride associated with this event.
    • The Scottsdale Special Events Committee has not approved any organized group motorcycle rides within its city limits for the past two years, and will not approve any group rides in the future.
  • WestWorld traffic management will direct participants attending the motorcycle event to enter the show grounds from the north entrance (94th Street and Bell Road) and to park in the north section of the show grounds.
  • Speed sensors/indicators and/or photo radar will be in place on the north road above the polo fields throughout our event.
    • This will enforce the 25 mph speed limit for all vehicles using this road during Cynosport.
    • If you have a heavy foot, you might want to make note of this as well to avoid a speeding ticket.

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