Explanation of Instant Replay Review

Since the sport has evolved so much in the last few years, not only in course designs, but also the speeds of the dogs, we are using technology to help the judge on the field make the best possible calls to determine the winner.

To help you better understand how we are using video instant replay during each of the tournament finals, here’s how the process works. 

  • There are 9 cameras placed strategically throughout the course – mainly on all contacts, the long jump and tire.
  • Besides the Head Judge on the field, there is also an Official Video Review Judge – both are judging in real time.
  • The Official Video Review Judge determines if a second review is required in video slow motion
    • If they believe a call from the field judge needs further examination, the Head Judge will also review the video in slow motion.
    • The Head Judge makes the final determination of the dog’s performance
    • The Head Judge may also ask for a video review

Here’s an example of how the process worked last night during the finals of both Performance Speed Jumping and Steeplechase –